Regular Update

The future of competitive motorsport has arrived, and it’s in a hurry. Two brand new open-wheel ultra-performance vehicles. Seven high-speed tracks. Dozens of split-second decisions, from the tires you use, to whether you take that all-important pit stop. And above all: one seat, one driver, one grand prize.

2 All-New Cars


Velocity redefined. Braking transformed. Performance reimagined. See you at the event horizon.


Optimization means never having to choose between the poise of a ballet dancer and the aggression of frenzied gorilla.

Technical Upgrades

VISIT LOS SANTOS CUSTOMS to fine-tune your open-wheel masterpiece: spoilers, tires, liveries, engine mods and more.

New Wave

Close your eyes, breathe in deep, and go to your happy place. Is there an ambience more soothing than waves gently lapping at your chassis, gentle breezes whispering through your air intake, and the violent explosion of your PR4’s oxidised carbon-carbon disk brakes?


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